If the moon moves water, the sun moves shadows

5-20 October, 2017, Seventh Upstairs, Fitzroy.
Oil on aluminium with sunlight and air, dimensions and light variable; digital video 15:07 loop.
Photographed by Christian Capurro, 13 October, 2017.

This practice-led research involved working with the differing material demands of painting and moving image, and looking at what emerges over time through the operations of different material traces. A Polaroid photograph was filmed at the site where it was shot, for the time that the image took to develop. This version of this work (ongoing since 2004) places an emphasis on duration through the ambiguity of the when the recorded moment ends, and through interruptions to the ‘image’. The paintings in this exhibition follow a similar logic, but through their different registration of time and luminosity shift the focus to present-ness and real-time. 

Please contact me if you would like to read the exegetical document that accompanies this work.