We've Got A Love Like Electric Sound

22 April - 3 May 2008
Curated by Catherine Connolly
Candice Cranmer, Catherine Connolly, Stephen Palmer, Carl Scrase, Sally Tape, Fiona Williams

‘We’ve got a Love like Electric Sound’ is a emotively heartbreaking, visually heart racing, pop show that takes its content from the motivations, considerations and sentiment in the making of a mixed tape and its symbolic place in contemporary culture. The show consists of works exploring the transactions between contemporary art, popular culture and music in a shared cultural space. Evoking varied meanings and intentions, from wanting to make you dance to wanting to break your heart, the exhibiting artists are involved in reconfiguring popular culture concerns into contemporary visual art practices, borrowing the emotive preoccupations of pop/ rock music and popular culture such as romance, thrills, emotion, desire, adulation, fame, nostalgia, and developing them into dynamic works exploring prevalent themes of contemporary art making including memory, fandom, identity, performativity, architectural intervention and perception.
invite image: Sally Tape

foreground - Carl Scrase

foreground - Candice CranmerWhat ya gonna do when the novelty is gone? 
far background - Sally TapeNew, New Artwork (Hell Yes!) / which may be why the best love affairs are electronic, foreign and architectural

Stephen Palmer & Fiona Williams, Painting Connect Four

various oil on aluminium
install photographs: Stephen Palmer & Fiona Williams